Summer camp with intensive communicative approach English lessons

For whom is the camp intended:

  • The children will be divided into groups based on their age and language abilities
  • The groups can be changed during the cam; the children will choose their optimal group with the help of the teachers
  • The children will be taught by a foreign teacher (in case of need, problems or at a child’s request, they can also be taught by a Czech teacher)
  • After the camp, it is recommended that the children continue with foreign language courses during the school year in order for use and build upon the acquired knowledge
  • First and second graders can participate if they have at least partial knowledge of the foreign language and regularly attend lessons during the school year (e.g. lessons for children, private lessons, etc.)


in secondary school boarding houses and in guest houses (photos here:
Transportation to the summer camp: private


Price: The price includes accommodation, board, education, textbooks, trips, competitions and prizes, entrance fees for castles, swimming pools, etc., insurance. In the camp in Praque aren´t included the entrance fees.

Payment method:

  1. An advance payment of CZK 2,500 is payable during 14 days after application by invoice (the advance payment is non-refundable, however a substitute can participate instead of a child)
  2. An additional payment is payable by 10 May 2016 by invoice
  3. Parents will be sent the invoices after their child has applied to the summer camp

Camp applications need to be submitted electronically or in writing, by phone or e-mail. The applications will be accepted until the summer camp is filled. Please indicate the name, surname, address and date of birth of your child; contact phone number, location and term of the summer camp.

Detailed information, references and applications:
Web :
Tel : +420 777 815805 (Mgr. Radka Pokorná)
Mail :
In writing: DESCARTES, v.o.s.
 539 42 Svratouch 104



  • 4-6 lessons (45 minutes) every day – the lessons take place in an entertaining conversation-based manner in which every child is compelled to develop their communication skills in a foreign language 
  • The course is focused on building conversation skills, active perception of the language, natural pronunciation and spontaneous use of the language (which is often lacking)
  • Fast and spontaneous development of communication skills
  • Classes always consist of 8 - 12 pupils

Leisure time

  • Leisure time activities are organized in the way usual for summer camps – i.e. games, competitions, hiking, swimming, camp fire, the path of bravery, discotheque, lessons of Latin American dances, etc.
  • At the same time the leisure time program is linked to the lessons, the children are given interesting tasks to be resolved in groups with their leader (foreign teacher)
  • If possible, the children will have the leisure time arranged with their English teachers in order to spontaneously develop their communication skills 


The staff:

  • The teachers are foreign lecturers (citizens of the USA, Great Britain, New Zealand, Canada), with university degrees in relevant majors, experienced in working with children, employed in the Czech Republic at universities, secondary and primary schools with expanded language programs. They have passed the International TEFL Certificate Training Program that prepares native English speakers to teach students and children. The teachers obtained their TEFL certification (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) within special programs, mainly from either ITC in the Czech Republic (for more information see:, which belongs to the Association of Teachers of English of the Czech Republic and is a member of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL), or TEFL Worldwide Prague (for more information see:, a Member of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic.
  • Other team members are Czech lecturers – teachers with university degrees, qualified for teaching English; their task is to help bridge potential language barriers between the pupils and the teachers and to help less advanced pupils with their comprehension; the Czech team has extensive experience working with children and is in charge of their leisure time and safety during these activities.
  • A health worker

Krkonoše 16. 8. – 22. 8. 2020

Price: 9 700 Kč