Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions

1. ESTABLISHMENT OF A CONTRACTUAL RELATIONSHIP – DESCARTES (hereinafter referred to as the Agency) organizes training and educational courses in the scope and under the conditions defined in the catalogue and specified in detailed instructions provided to participants. The event manager is entitled to change the programme depending on objective conditions and, in particular, with respect to participants’ safety. A contractual relationship is established when an application to attend a specific event has been filed and a deposit or full price has been paid. The full price of the event shall be paid the moment the application is filed as long there are fewer than 50 days before the commencement date. An event participant with the right to service provision becomes a customer only after the full price has been paid. If the full price is not paid, the Agency may terminate the contractual relationship and exclude the customer from participating in the event. The customer shall be informed thereof and any deposit that has been paid shall be reduced by the cancellation fee and returned to the customer. Failure to pay the outstanding amount shall not satisfy the cancellation notice provision by the customer.

2. PRICE AND PAYMENT – Prices of events are contractual prices negotiated between the Agency and the customer.

3. CANCELLATION AND CANCELLATION TERMS – The customer is entitled to cancel his/her participation at any time prior to the commencement date by notifying the Agency thereof in writing. Cancellation shall be effective the moment the cancellation notice is delivered to the Agency. Any deposit that has been paid, reduced by the following cancellation fees, shall be returned to the customer.


Within 90 days – a basic service charge of CZK 500

89 - 50 days 40% of the total price

49 - 20 days 60% of the total price

19 - 0 days 100% of the total price

Each participant has cancellation insurance for health reasons. If a participant is not able to take part due to health reasons, the insurance company shall compensate him/her 70% of the price that has been paid.

Cancellation fees shall not be applied if a customer is replaced by substitute who confirms in writing to agree with the general terms and conditions applicable to participation in a summer camp. The original participant shall provide this information to his/her substitute, unless agreed upon otherwise with an Agency representative. If the customer re-registers for a different event, no fees shall be charged.

4. EVENT CANCELLATION –The agency is entitled to cancel an event if a minimum number of customers has not registered and shall notify thereof all duly registered participants within 14 days prior to the commencement date. In most cases, the customer will be notified of event cancellation much earlier. The agency is also entitled to cancel an event due to unavoidable circumstances beyond its control any time before the commencement date or during the event. If an event is cancelled before the commencement date, the full price shall be returned to participants; if an event is cancelled while in progress, an amount corresponding to services that have not been provided shall be returned.

5. RESPONSIBILITY FOR EVENT PARTICIPANTS – The Agency shall be responsible for the safety of participants under the age of 18. By paying the price, the customer (or his/her legal representative) shall follow instructions provided by the event manager, avoid any behaviour that might disturb the event or other participants and respect all safety and health protection rules. The event manager may exclude a participant from any part of the programme if the participant does observe the rules, especially if he or she is under influence of alcohol or drugs. If a person under the age of 18 is involved, the event manager shall contact the parents and the Police of the Czech Republic. As a last resort, the manager may exclude the customer from the event. Non-participation caused by any of the above reasons is not considered failure to perform by the Agency and shall not be compensated for. Customers may place their valuables and cash in a safe with the event manager. The Agency shall not be liable for participants’ personal belongings that were not placed in custody and were damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen; however, Agency employees shall take all measures to mitigate these risks during the event.

6. COMPLAINTS – The customer is entitled to complain about services that were not provided to full extent or in an acceptable quality. The customer shall do so in writing without undue delay with the event manager. If a complaint cannot be made on the spot, a complaint shall be filed directly with the Agency, specifying the subject of the complaint, the customer’s personal data and the complaint date, no later than 3 days from the conclusion of the event. The Agency shall accept and settle the complaint no later than within 30 days after it has been filed or after the end of the event. A customer’s right to complain ceases to exist if it is not exercised within one month after the end of the event or after the date when it was supposed to end if the event did not take place.

7. PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION – The customer agrees that any personal data that was provided in the application may be processed by the Agency (pursuant to Czech Act No. 101/2000 Coll.), exclusively for the purpose of organizing the event and sending commercial messages and service offers related to the Agency’s line of business.

8. FINAL PROVISIONS – These general terms and conditions apply to all events published in the catalogue of DESCARTES and at www.descart.cz, unless different terms and conditions are provided for a specific event. If necessary, the Agency may update these general terms and conditions by publishing their amended version at www.descart.cz; the updated terms and conditions shall apply to all customers who file their application after the publication date.